Life As I Know It

Hello! Welcome to my cyber home. So glad you came by for a visit. My name is Gail, and I am  Wife. Mom. Writer. Daughter. Fighter. Overcomer. A woman on a journey.

Center of His Wheel is about staying balanced. As a wife, mom, and writer, I can quickly become unbalanced, flopping about with the cares of life. But, the Potter continually draws me to the center of His wheel. It is there I find the peace I so desperately crave and the joy that alludes me, otherwise.

Unfortunately, I didn’t always run to Him. In fact, this journey didn’t begin with sunshine and roses, but heartache, depression, suicidal thoughts, and self-destructive actions. But thankfully, the Lord didn’t give up on me. His love won me over, and I eventually gave my heart to Him.

Afterward, I studied hard and passed state boards for Cosmetology. Married the man of my dreams. Had two beautiful, loving kids, moved a house, and remodeled said house.

In the past, I have written songs, plays, local newspaper articles, and Bible studies. Currently, I am working on several manuscripts while blogging.

I love:

Above all, my Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord, and Savior. The Holy Spirit, my Comforter, and Guide. The Lord has given me wonderful family and friends who love and support me. Born and raised in the South, I love all things southern—well maybe not the mosquitoes. But who doesn’t like fried chicken, fried okra, and fried squash? You get the idea. I hope you will join me as I share this incredible season of life!

Something about me:

Coffee is my cup of southern comfort.

I have at least one DIY project in progress at all times.

Four-wheeling- I just do it to make my kids anxious. You should’ve seen my daughter the day I did a ‘donut’ around the utility pole. Their favorite saying—”Your bones won’t heal like they use to.” Oh well.

Music-I awake with music in my head. What? You don’t?

Writing—I love telling stories through fiction, non-fiction, and songs. My song “Less of Me and More of You” came in the top 5 runners-up in the 2010 Singing News/Solid Gospel Songwriters Search

So now that we’ve met grab a glass of iced tea, with or without lemon, or a cup of coffee. Relax and stay awhile!



10 thoughts on “Life As I Know It

  1. I love the statement that you are an Overcomer. I started a church called Overcomers Church in January. God is doing a special work, and I’m humbled to be a part of it. I love the beautiful work that God does in saving the lost and making them like His dear Son. I look forward to reading what God gives you.

    • Thank you for stopping by and the follow, Pastor. Your church sounds like a wonderful place to be! Yes, the Lord is amazing! Words fail to explain his love and mercy. He is my strength. I look forward to reading your blog posts in my reader.

  2. Hi Gail! I’m glad to have discovered your lovely blog and website through your interview with my friend, Lynnette. It makes me wonder if you have an interest in interviewing a Christian children’s book author. I’m a member of Northwest Christian Writer’s Association, and a British Christian publisher has published my series for children (two so far). They are novels for ages 8-12 about an owl and a pirate-wannabe mouse who become friends on a Holy Land quest.

  3. Gail thanks for stopping by my page and following. I pray you move ever closer to God and deeper in your walk with God. I will look forward to reading your post and experiencing what the Lord is doing in your life. May God speed your work.

    Much love Tom

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